The Kwallet app has a range of native modular functions that retailers can choose from in order to strategically

The Kwallet app has a range of native modular functions that retailers can choose from in order to strategically meet their own specific marketing and communication needs.

Kwallet's white label app can be customised in look and feel to interface with the retailer's own ICT and set up.

Kwallet Advantages

Increased brand loyalty and improved customer retention

Mobile First Marketing; reaching target consumers faster

Automation and increased speed for various operating and payment processes

Direct retailer/consumer interaction

Creating a better user-experience specially tailored for online shopping

What Kwallet offers retailers:

Reducing waiting times

Increasing ROI and customer engagement

Real time updates, news, and communication for customers

Speeding up payment processes

Standing out from the competition

Enabling an omni-channel shopping experience for retailers and customers

Kwallet Functions

Shopping list

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Create and share shopping lists directly from the App. Organise lists by date or by general description.

Add products using the app to:

  • enter the product code on the keyboard
  • activate the bar-code scanner 
  • import existing lists.
  • add quantities and notes for each product.
  • share your list via email, SMS or Whatsapp!

The KWallet shopping list has a built-in self-scanning function so shoppers can use both functions, meaning products will be automatically crossed off the list during the purchasing process!

Paper-free Flyers

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Using this function retailers can make paper-free flyers, sending them directly to the Kwallet mobile App. 

Making sure consumers can:

  • See all the special flyers for every store,
  • Open each flyer and take a look,
  • Download the flyers onto their phones so they can read them even when they are offline.

Coupons & Special Offers

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Retailers can fully customise the app sending special offers and coupons directly to people's phones to reinforce customer relations. 

Customers can use the app to instantly:

  • Find out about any special offers or coupons in real time 
  • Pre-book these goods in advance before going to the store for collection 
  • Use special offers or redeem coupons immediately when buying goods 

Coupon management via Kwallet ensures real time authorisation/voucher redemption, speeding up the complete coupon management process for retailers.

Store Geo-localisation

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KWallet offre un servizio di geo-localizzazione dei punti vendita del retailer, offrendo quindi:

  • Mappa e indirizzo dei punti vendita
  • Informazioni relative al punto vendita (es. orari di apertura, contatti)
  • Informazioni sui servizi disponibili
  • La possibilità di marcare il Negozio Preferito facilitando il consumatore nelle successive sessioni.

E' dimostrato che l'80% degli utenti intraprende un'azione dopo aver effettuato una ricerca basata sulla localizzazione*. (*)fonte Thinking with Google

Loyalty Card Management

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Loyalty Card management in KWallet makes it possible to:

  • Use the virtual card, swiping it directly at the till
  • View the total number of points acquired together with the customer status level
  • Consult the acquired points history
  • Access the digital card
  • Access the rewards catalogue
  • Access the rewards redeemed together with their corresponding vouchers
  • Find out the how to acquire points
  • Consult the loyalty programme rules

Dashboard 2.0

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Thanks to Kwallet's dynamic Dashboard retailers can make decisions each day, deciding in real time how to make the most of each call to action, text message, and picture, as well as using in-app banners as advertising spaces able to redirect customers to external web sites or pages within the app.

In Kwallet retailers can to configure up to 6 different sessions within the main page including the graphics. 

Turning the app into a source of income for their business.

Self scanning

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Customers can use their own phones for scanning products: Reading product bar-codes and adding these to their trolley 

  • Keeping track of all of the purchases 
  • Speeding up payment processes via self-checkout 
  • With the built-in shopping list function, self-scanning can be linked to a shopping list so that any products purchased can be crossed off the list once they have been scanned in. 


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Get in touch with customers, offering retailers a direct channel to communicate with them! 

KWallet offers retailers two types of direct communication with customers:

  • Push Notifications: sending messages to customers for particular events. Messages can be also programmed via interfacing sensors, Bluetooth devices and beacons, so that these will arrive at exactly the right time and when the user is in the right place. 
  • Customer Support: a direct support chat allowing customers to send instant messages to retail service centres, this can also be configured to direct to individual stores. 


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A digital wallet allows customers to keep all of their methods of payment in one place, organising and digitising their data so they can pay for their shopping quickly, safely and without unnecessary extra costs. 

Kwallet allows customers to use a digital wallet linked to the customer's loyalty card. 

Clients can store data for credit cards on all the major international circuits (Maestro, Mastercard, VISA or American Express) on their digital wallet, this can also be topped up by adding gift cards via barcodes. 

In the event that both one or more gift cards and an electronic payment card are associated with the wallet, a mixed payment can be made in which the balance from the gift cards is deducted first with the remainder of the payment to be settled and authorised via credit card.

Kwallet makes it possible to integrate every type of digital service, enhancing the shopping experience, allowing customers to access products from every possible retail touch-point.

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