Koncentro's Campaign Management module targets the right customer, with the right message, at the right time.

Koncentro’s Campaign Management module is an excellent tool for retailers who need to build customised marketing campaigns adapted to suit each different consumer group, taking account of the various different stages of the customer journey and the touchpoints used.

Retailers can manage the available data available via advanced machine learning solutions so as to build their marketing with a focus on:

  • Creating marketing campaigns for Customers
  • Creating marketing campaigns for Products
  • Creating marketing campaigns for Stores
What is Koncentro?

Modules available in Campaign Management

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What Campaign Management offers retailers

Creating, managing and monitoring marketing campaigns

Building different business strategies in targeted communication, promotion and loyalty actions

Configures marketing campaigns by choosing which touchpoints to make the most of target consumers for engagement and budgets to invest

Controls and monitors the marketing campaign even editing or correcting the campaign details where necessary even while it is running

Assesses the outcome of marketing campaigns by verifying its economic results (costs, incremental expenditure, ROI, results obtained)

Builds various marketing campaigns: mass communication, one to many, one to few, one to one

Reduces time and errors in content management and sharing

Increases consumer loyalty

Raises the level of consumer attention level while decreasing the degree invasiveness of communications

Increases campaign returns and conversions (increases average receipt)

Keeps a consistent and unique 'tone of voice' in communications and advertising based on consumer profiles

Reduces churnover (monitoring churn rates)

Optimises and empowers the work of Marketing Managers

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