Marketing & Data Strategy Services

“Start by doing what is necessary;then what is possible; and you'll soonfind yourself doing the impossible.”

Konvergence offers success, support and training to retailers as they journey towards an omni-channel data approach.

We work with retailers helping them define their Data Strategy, working to enrich existing customer data via our Customer Data Platform: Koncentro.

Analysing the data collected allows us to define, develop and automate marketing and communication, creating tailor-made content for specific integrated channels.

Build a successfuldata strategy, we help you:

Define specific, achievable marketing objectives

Assess sources and quality of data available to retailers

Choose appropriate technologies

Implement data architecture able to offer easy integration, on point analysis and top level security

Develop analytical skills for interpreting data

Monitor results in real-time so you can make revisions or adapt your strategy

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The three key areas of interest for retailers

An omni-channel data approach allows retailers to process data, offering high-level data collection and data analysis leading to a deeper understanding of the 3 main areas for promotion:

  • Identify the most relevant customer data for each company
  • Customer segmentation (creating customer clusters)
  • Customer profiling
  • Marketing strategies for improving customer loyalty
  • Growth resulting from up-selling and/or cross-selling of returning customers
  • Winning back past customers who have left, or are about to leave
  • Market strategies for increasing point-of-sale volume
  • Use monitoring tools for in-store transaction data collection
  • Analyse in-store volume and customer behaviour
  • Forecast demand
  • Market strategies to create specific and detailed customised sales promotions following clear and precise targeted aims
  • On-the-job training for key marketing staff to ensure valuable professional development and optimise the work being carried out.
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Our Marketing services:


Data Quality & Assessment

  • Company profile
  • Marketing Audit including key company profiles
  • Analysis of existing data in the Retailer Database
  • Checking the Master Data Sets of the Retailer Database
  • Study of sales data (analysis of sales receipts)
  • Assessment and SWOT analysis

Pilot Campaigns

  • Identify specific aims for pilot campaigns
  • Selection and segmentation of target customers for pilot ‘control group’ campaigns
  • Creative messages and campaigns specially tailored for relevance to stated aims and target customers
  • Identify the right touchpoints
  • Set campaign duration and budgets for each pilot campaign
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Measure and assess results

Marketing Plans

  • Define strategic objectives (e.g. increasing sales, acquiring new customers or increasing brand awareness)
  • Identify and define the correct target and customer segments to reach
  • Identify retailer tools, touchpoints and channels
  • Plan different marketing campaigns
  • Set budget and duration of campaigns
  • Continuous monitoring of benchmark KPIs
  • Measurement and analysis of activated marketing performance
  • Evaluation of results

What Marketing & Data Strategy Services offers retailers:

Increased understanding of priorities, potential benefits, technologies and internal methodologies

Identifying and bridging any gaps in technology

Pinpointing and resolving any critical issues in terms of organisation

Giving managers a clear vision of the level of growth of business processes

Assessing business impact and expected benefits

Developing a single customer view

Structuring consistent and effective marketing, advertising and communication campaigns between store brands and customers

Our marketing services help retailers create processes able to optimise the collection, integration and use of all of the data exchanged between retailers and customers making the most of each and every interaction.


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