Analyse consumer behaviour using the Customer Database module, combining all of the information and data gathered at each different retail touchpoint.

The Koncentro Customer Database module is able to merge and display multiple sets of customer data and information in a single interface.

This allows retailers to create customer clusters designing the most effective marketing strategies based on customised profiling, leading to improved customer engagement, better relationships with customers and increased loyalty.

Unlike ordinary CRMs, the Koncentro Customer Database module provides a full and wholly centralised view of customers at every stage of their journey. This leads to a more detailed profiling resulting in highly customised marketing strategies.

What is Koncentro?

What Customer Database offers retailers:

Giving retailers a complete SCV- a single instant snapshot of customers across every different brand and touchpoint

Getting the lowdown on consumer spending and behaviour; the when, where, what, and even why of each sale, turning information into real business insights

Conducting customised marketing activities: segmentation data, available for all touchpoints, can be used to set up promotional campaigns and messages, benefiting business performance

Key customer data and information is automated, integrated and continuously up-dated

The Customer Database Module is fully GDPR compliant

The module runs easily without the need for IT in terms of data requests and does not it need staff with advanced IT skills to run it since it greatly simplifies many internal processes

Easy integration with CRMs meaning that retailers get a complete view of consumers, unifying data and information from the various different touchpoints (websites, online, forms, social media, apps etc.)

Gives a complete picture of the customer journey

Reduced costs per lead (CPL)

Increased understanding of the level of effectiveness of each touchpoint

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