Electronic payments from till to payment circuits

Kpay is a patented platform for multi-buyer, multi-service electronic payments.

Retailers can manage electronic payments as well as accepting meal vouchers, directly interfacing with the operators issuing these, all from one single payment terminal.

Thanks to one central platform and one payment device per checkout (POS), Kpay accepts all major forms of payment. Merging all transactions into a single flow of retail accounting data, to keep track of all payments, as well as the sale of digital services authorised by touchpoints accepting payments (telephone top-ups, digital top-ups, bills, pagoPA, digital gifts).

Kpay is CB2, PCI-DSS and PA-DSS certified to ensure high security standards.Konvergence is ISO27001 certified.

Kpay authorised services and managed figures for 2023:

8.296.347.245 €
Wages paid
216.667.739 €
128.353.148 €
Electronic meal vouchers
82.987.837 €
Bill Payment
22.117.192 €
38.704.892,26 €
Gift Cards paid
8.296.347.245 €
Wages paid
216.667.739 €
128.353.148 €
Electronic meal vouchers
82.987.987 €
Bill Payment
22.117.192 €
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Kpay Advantages

Centralised data from terminals on dashboard

Scalable architecture able to simultaneously handle elevated number of authorisations even at peak time

Increased “uptime” and level of service

Integrates with payment terminals for the leading POS manufacturers around the world

Integrates with different till management software

Fast, flexible integration with new payment tools and service authorisation

Equipped with the highest safety features available

Built-in Service and Support

Reduced operating and service costs

Greater efficiency in service administration and management

What Kpay offers retailers

Accepts payment from all touchpoints both online and in store

Provides a single terminal able to accept both electronic payments and meal vouchers directly, bypassing the need for any intermediaries

Able to authorise digital services for sales both online and in store

Optimises operating costs for payment systems

Able to issue or accept private Gift Cards via specially tailored built-in module

Kpay Modules

Payment Module

Kpay is a secure centralised platform for handling electronic payments across the whole payment circuit from any till or payment terminal.

  • Certified for use on international and national circuits for the whole routing journey from the payment terminal and POS to the authorised buyer/issuer.
  • The KPay dashboard can be set to define the routing rules for electronic payments according to card types, helping retailers opt for their most cost-effective destinations.
  • The KPay dashboard allows you and analyse cashflow, with a level of precision able to track payments back to each single terminal; payment data can also be downloaded for Back-Office analysis.
  • KPay can be easily integrated with Front-End software applications to enable payment functions with different tools (vouchers, gifts, etc.).

Next-Generation Payment Module

Kpay enables mobile payments, leveraging the full logic of virtual POS.

  • Simple and easy to use, for secure credit card transactions even when working in mobile environments.
  • Interfaces with the latest generation of cardless (or smartphone-based) payment providers including Satispay, BancomatPay, Postepay.

Kpay is both scalable and flexible, offering easy integration with any of the latest new e-money tools: digital wallets, e-money accounts, account-to-account payments all in complete compliance with Europe’s PSD2 regulations.

In addition, it supports new payment technologies for in store use: mobile POS, smartphones, card not present (CNP) payments, host card emulation (HCE), SIM-based NFC card emulation, NFC vouchers.

Multiservice Module

KPay’s Multiservice Module can channel a wide range of value-added services (VAS) for operators, including:

  • Telephone top-ups by the Italy’s main TelCo operators.
  • Paying bills and PagoPA
  • Activation and delivery of prepaid packages (Smartbox).
  • Automating processes for cards (both physical and virtual) including gift cards to be sold directly at the tills or via online channels as well as simultaneously issuing activation codes for immediate use by customers.

Electronic Meal Voucher Module

Accepting Meal Vouchers as a form of payment is no problem for Large-Scale Retailers and those working in Food Services.

KPay has a special module for accepting pay flow from its Electronic Meal Voucher channel.

KPay performs real-time voucher redemption, interfacing with major issuing companies, identifying and tracking payments from each POS device from each single till location.

The same POS device used for electronic payments can also offer meal voucher authorisation.

We work directly with the most prominent meal voucher providers without the need for any intermediaries:

  • Edenred
  • Sodexo/Pluxee
  • BluBe
  • Pellegrini Welfare
  • Up Day
  • Repas
  • YesTicket
  • Toduba
  • Lunchgm

Kpay certificates

Kpay is the perfect solution, optimising processes, costs and payment performance at all points of sale for every retailer.

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