Delivery and Technical Services

Konvergence technical services can help your company put down solid roots, guiding the way as you develop the best projects and solutions to grow your business.

Konvergence supports retailers via its Delivery and Technical Services assisting them with the latest technology and developments and helping them with new store openings.

Our nationwide team of professional technicians can offer support finding quick solutions to any hardware issues providing on-the-spot or remote assistance.

Konvergence's highly efficient logistics team ensures speedy procurement of parts to keep store downtime to a minimum.Our tried-and-tested delivery service guarantees a fast smoothly-run operation able to provide extensive roll-outs of any new technological developments for current and newly opened stores throughout the country.

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Our services

On site Delivery and Supervisors

Konvergence staff liaises with an extensive network of certified technology partners around the country responding to customer requests in keeping with our stipulated service level agreements (SLAs).

Our supervisors, all of whom are highly specialised professionals, look after customers at every step of the way, overseeing operations, providing assistance and support, as well as being on hand as consultants even after the initial job is over.

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Repair Centres and In-Store Hardware Re-working

Our UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified repair centre, carries out repairs of all types, as well as testing, parts-shipping and pre-loading hardware ready for delivery to store networks.
All Service Centres have a spare parts warehouse calibrated to the number of installed devices and terminals to make sure any parts needing to be replaced will be available on-demand at any time. This service is aimed at retailers who need to have equipment ready and running at all times, ensuring that they can optimise the purchase of any new hardware for all of their operations.
The advantage of the re-working service, combined with integrated logistics, is that it provides customers with a complete mapping of the assets needed for IT services, supporting them both when planning activities at a local level and in the planning of purchases of new hardware.

Integrated Logistics & Pre-loads

Services offered by Konvergence include specially equipped spaces for receiving, storing and collecting equipment destined for each store.
Our highly professional technical team are able pre-set all of the different hardware devices to ensure maximum efficiency and shorten the times for installation and configuration of each device upon delivery at each store.

Warehouse, Collection & Return Services

The Konvergence warehouse, measuring roughly 2000 square metres, stores customer hardware, which is constantly controlled and monitored using the highest levels of security, the space also contains a number of spare parts, devices and terminals in order to ensure availability on demand at all times.

Yet another service available is the supply of equipment which has been already pre-configured by our technicians according to customer specifications ready to be delivered directly to the final point of sale in order to facilitate independent installation of the equipment, meaning that even the most complex installations can be set up instantly with a simple plug and play.

What Delivery & Technical Services offers Retailers:

Business continuity of services and continuous retail operations

Rapid problem-solving at any store in Italy in collaboration with our 14 specialised partners

Fixed costs and control over hardware operations

Specialised skills

Flexible management of retail store openings

Control and security of retailer hardware

Nationwide coverage for project implementation, new openings and technical assistance

Speed in locating hardware and installing the equipment on existing and future stores

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Our Delivery & Technical Services take care of existing stores as well as guiding retailers in the set up future stores.


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