Kiara Cloud is a scalable platform in cloud custom-built to manage sales in every different retail sector.

It offers both an online module for centralised back-end management and a highly versatile front-end software module which can be installed on laptops, POS, tablets and smartphones!

Versions specifically designed for:

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Food Services


General merchandising

General merchandising

KiaraCloud Advantages:

Data from store updated in real time, no need for intermediate steps, just a direct link between store and central server


It is a multilingual and multi-tax software

Fast management (products, images, prices, orders)

Guaranteed data security

Interfaces can be customised for both Back-end and Front-end, matching each sector to its own specific needs

Easily integrated with other software already used by the retailer

What KiaraCloud offers retailers:

Simplifying downstream and upstream store data to and from stores

Real time updates and monitoring of in-store performance for every store, for up-to-the-minute data giving you a complete picture at the end of the day

Simplifying user experience for every service, thanks to its custom-built interface specifically designed for the retail sector

Guaranteeing flexibility and mobility. Kiara Cloud can be configured for access from any type of device (pcs, tablets, smartphones and traditional tills)

Kiara Cloud makes it possible to automate all of your sales transactions, customising functions for each sector, allowing you to centralise the management of every retail store.

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