Service Delivery, Service Desk and SD Support, On-Site Assistance, Repair Lab, Preload and Logistics are our support departments. Konvergence is able to take care of your infrastructure, ensuring high levels of performance, to leave you free to think about your business goals.


Network Monitoring

KNM is a centralized platform with an efficient dashboard that allows control and monitoring of the entire IT network and of the retailer's business processes. KNM outsources skills by centralizing the control of the IT infrastructure. In a prevention logic, the system monitors the devices and prevents the onset of the accident by anticipating the time of the intervention.

Help Desk

The Service Desk, a center of excellence composed of highly skilled technical staff, remotely manages hardware and software problems from the first to the third level. The knowledge is equally distributed among all the operational representatives, in order to give timely solutions to any anomaly.
Active 17 hours seven days a week (6.30 - 23.30 and also at night for special requests), the Service Desk is flanked by the Service Desk Support (from Monday to Saturday from 09.00 to 18.00), team to support the Service Desk for SPOC activities for some customers.



Onsite assistance

On-site support services are managed by our internal support center, that directly coordinates certified partners who only operate with original Konvergence spare parts on the entire national area, through various operating sites. The repair center, certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 performs all repair, testing, shipments of the parts and preload of the material delivered to the customer. Each service center has a spare parts warehouse calibrated on the number of devices and terminals installed that ensures the availability on demand, at any time, of the parts to be replaced.

Repair center, preload and warehouse

  • We optimize your installed park, recovering and regenerating the hardware. We have a repair team that will be at your disposal to reintegrate your machines as a result of failures.
  • Preload: we prepare large quantities of machines starting from an image disk, in a short time.
  • Your hardware is in the right place in our warehouse and when needed, we prepare it and send it to you at the point of sale.