Customer Care Services

Any one person can bea crucial member of a team,but no one can create a team on their own.

Konvergence supports retailers with its own customer care services fitting in with the opening times in retail.

Our highly specialised service centre was set up to support retailers, implementing and co-ordinating all IT hardware and software support processes, ensuring continuous service for retailers eliminating the risk of downtime.

All our services are all GDPR compliant andUNI-ISO 9001 and UNI-ISO 27001 certified.

Our Numbers


People working and helping to give our assistance to customers in retail


Average response time to receive technical support

(market surveys state that 28 seconds is the average response time)


Average ticket resolution rate on first contact (FLR)


On-site intervention time


Tickets solved after just 30/35 minutes


Direct engagement channels active 7 days a week, 24/7
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Our service teams

Customer Care Team

The Customer Care team offers a comprehensive service 7 days a week.
We manage requests dealing with any retail issues that arise, handling these via various engagement channels and technological tools at stores both here in Italy and throughout Europe. Our Customer Care team offers a multilingual helpdesk service in: Italian, English, Spanish, French.

Our specially trained team monitors the whole customer care process continuously through the control of internal KPIs to ensure the highest level of service, together with established work practices which are always in line with the latest technologies.
We also offer data analysis services, customised statistical reports and all-round secretarial services.

Technical Support Team

Our expert team of IT technicians has the necessary information, knowledge and skills to solve even the most complex problems in retail (First and Second Level Support).

The task of the Technical Support Team is to address the resolution of system bugs, provide solutions to complex problems, manage and monitor automatic alert systems installed in customer ICT infrastructures.

System Engineer Team

The System Engineer Team works constantly to find specific customised solutions for monitoring the technical infrastructures of customers, with a keen focus on new technologies.

The Konvergence team of IT experts is responsible for designing and controlling various network systems, managing and maintaining cloud-based systems, building, monitoring and installing advanced systems for ‘real time’ management of customer-specific devices.

The system engineers design, deploy and customise dedicated software solutions.

NOC & SOC Team

The team’s task is to proactively monitor the whole retail IT network and processes in keeping with a prevention and business continuity logic. The Network Operations Centre team focuses on issues which could potentially jeopardise or hinder network availability and performance. The NOC is also responsible for managing any incidents that might arise, keeping system downtime to a minimum, to ensure peak performance. The Security Operations Centre team is responsible for protecting against incidents that could hinder data security. The SOC analyses all data flow and has full control over all corporate devices, including cloud and third-party devices, meaning that it is able to both detect and counter any attacks or threats to cybersecurity before these can affect the company.

Training Team

Konvergence also offers a specialised service for training in-store staff in the correct use of the various tools and technologies located in stores.

Using surveys, the training team is able to discover the type of problems that usually arise for sales staff after which they can organise specially focused training sessions. The training service helps cut down on or even eliminate of a wide range of problems, assuring the smooth running of operations as well as lowering the demand for technical assistance.

Some numbers for Konvergence service team in one year:

Service tickets handled
Telephone calls received
Till stations monitored
Devices monitored
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Continuous 24/7 access to our highly specialised multilingual team which is always keen to help with the most up-to-date information

Fast, efficient resolution of software problems thanks to years of proven experience and expertise, use of remote monitoring and management technology tools, non-stop service

Fast and effective solution of hardware problems

Choice of multiple engagement channels and a 7x7 working service to speed up the resolution of issues and guarantee the presence of a constant support service

Reduction of business costs for retailers by outsourcing all support services

Innovative, value-added solutions aimed at continuous improvement of retail processes

Guaranteed business continuity via constant monitoring of company assets and services

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Finding the right solution to every problem with the help of our trusted support services.

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