Use the Koncentro Analytics module to create a tailor-made shopping experience for customers. The Koncentro Analytics module creates customised marketing campaigns for each customer segment

Koncentro’s Analytics module gives retailers a detailed understanding of their customers allowing them to generate clusters of similar people so they can create targeted marketing campaigns.

Retailers can study and predict purchasing trends and customer behaviour via the use of our eight predictive and prescriptive algorithms.

By continuously studying customers on their interactive 'journeys' retailers are in a better position to make decisions on marketing campaigns, making key decisions on budget allocation. Using this information can guide managers, helping them to see which touchpoints they should use and what type of content they should publish.
What is Koncentro?

What the Analytics Module offers retailers

Accurate customer profiling, helping retailers leverage the wealth of data gathered to improve business performance.

Enriched customer profiles with key information on purchasing behaviour and preferences to predict future trends and behaviour.

Improved and/or corrected actions in retail in terms of marketing, sales promotions and communication.

Collated online and offline customer data for a deeper understanding (Single Customer View)

Analysis of individual situations to come up with tailor-made algorithms for each customer or consumer cluster.

Development of specially tailored communications, advertising and content for clusters of consumers with similar buying habits and types of behaviour.

Greater insight into the effectiveness of each touchpoint.

Greater responsiveness and prediction capabilities on its customer base.

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