Konvergence guides your company during the innovation technology process with a human touch, a strong expertise in the retail software solutions and a cutting-age offering for digital marketing automation.

Retail Marketing Automation

Automate your Marketing Campaign and analyse the KPI to control the results.

Open Environment Loyalty

Manage the relationship wth your customers. Comarketing and value added services within the loyalty card.

Secure and certified Payments

Secure transactons, customizable routing and dynamic address to banks and payment institutions.

Everything in cloud for your store network

You can install your front-end even on tablet or mobile, and store all your back-office data in a safe cloud environment.

A mobile app for your customer pocket

Not a simple app, but a touch point synchronized in real time to your systems, look and feel customizable for any brand. Available for iOS and Android.

A service center at your disposal

Roll out, maintenance, dedicated help desk 7/7, timely onsite interventions, that is all you need to guarantee high performance and continuity to your business

Do you have a customer-centric strategy?


Do you deliver your services on all the available touch points giving your customer the freedom to select its favourite one?

Analytics and UX design

Do you practice continuous research to deepen and understand how your user changes every day?

Digital Signage

Do you have a multimedia content delivery system to send to your customers the right message at the right moment in the right place?
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