Kwallet is the mobile app designed for the Retail market. A modular set of features that customers can strategically activate based on their marketing and communication needs - customizing as well the "look & feel" of the app according to their brand image. And there is more: KWallet's back-end platform allows to design new versions of the app, easily integrating them via an API Exposer with existing services and solutions.

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Shopping List

Directly from the mobile App is offered to all users, even unregistered, a convenient feature to create and share shopping lists:

  • Products can be added by typing on the keyboard, activating the bar code scanner or importing existing lists.
  • You can add quantities and notes for each product
  • Sharing can be done via email, SMS, WhatsApp...

The shopping list of KWallet is also integrated with the Self Scanning function: roducts bought in the store using the self-scanning feature are automatically striken off from the shopping list!


Through this KWallet functionality, the consumer can access the electronic flyer of the store directly from his/her smartphone . The functionality allows the consumer to:

  • See all the flyers available for each store,
  • Open and flip each flyer,
  • Download them on the device, to have them available even in offline mode.

Coupons and Promotions

Fully customized promotions and coupons sent to the consumers directly on their smartphones, thus reinforcing the Retailer-Consumer relationship. Directly from the mobile app, the consumer can:

  • Consult promotions and coupons available in real time
  • “Reserve” them for future use in the store
  • Use them directly at the time of purchase

The management of coupons through Kwallet, for the retailer, guarantees a sequence of authorization / burning in real-time that effectively eliminates the possibility of fraud and greatly accelerating the completion of the process start-to-end.

Store Locator

KWallet offers to the consumer a convenient service to geo-locate the stores, offering for each of them a convenient detail card containing:

  • Map and address
  • Flyers and opening hours
  • Information on available services

The ability to mark the Favorite Store,facilitates the consumer in his/her next geo-location sessions.

Digital Loyalty Card

The benefit of KWallet Loyalty Card is two-fold:

  • The Digital Card, to be used at the Cashier till, is always available for the consumer.
  • The consumer has real-time access to his/her Updated account statement, with details on point accumulators and activities organized on a quarterly basis.

Preferences Center

Through the Kwallet Preferences Centre, the user can share with the retailer the topics on which he/she is interested to receive updates , communications and information in a targeted manner. The preferences center is organized by categories and areas of interest and is entirely customizable by the retailers according to their strategies. 

Knowing your customers is the only way to get in tune with them! 

By putting your customers firstand guided by their preferences, you can meet the needs of each and any of them. 

Self Scanning

Within the KWallet service portfolio the mobile self-scanning is not missing. Using his/her own smartphone, the consumer can perform all the actions that in a traditional self-scanning scenario would require the use of dedicated barcode-reader provided by the retailer, that is:

  • Read the barcode of the products added to the cart
  • Keep track of the total expense
  • Speed up the payment process - use the self payment stations in total autonomy

The mobile Self-scanning can work on lists created with the Shopping List function: in this case the products bought in the store are automatically stricken off from the list once their barcode is read. Nothing more comfortable for the user!

Messaging features

Get in touch with your customers and open to them a direct channel to communicate with you! KWallet provides the retailer with two ways to communicate directly with its customers:

  • Push Notifications: to send messages to their customers based on particular events. By interfacing sensors, bluetooth devices and beacons, the messages can be programmed to arrive at the right time and when the user is in the right place!
  • Customer Care: a direct and dedicated chat; gives the customer the possibility to send instant messages to a retailer service center configurable or to a specific store.

There is no way to understand how to direct your marketing strategy without studying the feedback of its users. KWallet allows you to look to the future!



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