Kpay is a platform for multi-bank and multi-service electronic payments certified by PCI-DSS and PA-DSS. The security of transactions is its fundamental characteristic, but also stands out because it enables the retailer in the management of digital services that become an additional source of business: telephone top-ups, smartboxes, gift cards, bill payment.

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Electronic payments

Kpay is a centralized platform able to manage electronic payments safely from the pay point (and PinPAD) to the payment circuit.

  • It is certified for international and domestic circuits for the entire route that goes from the PinPAD / POS terminal to the acquiring / issuer authorization.
  • The KPay console allows you to define the rules of electronic payment addressing based on the type of card, to the most convenient destinations for the merchant.
  • The KPay console allows analyze payment flows, with a granularity that can reach the individual cash point; payment data can be exported for analysis on Back-Office.
  • KPay is easily integrable with the Front-End software applications to enable payment functions with different tools (vouchers, gifts, etc.).

Mobile Payments

Kpay enables mobile payments, taking advantage of all the virtual POS logic.

  • Ensures the same simplicity of internet payments with the security of a credit card transaction also in a mobile environment.
  • Integrates within it the interface with the new generation of cardless payment providers (or smartphone-based) such as Satispay and Jiffy.

The scalability and flexibility of Kpay allow easy integration with new e-money tools : digital wallet on the market, compliant electronic money accounts to the European PSD2 regulations.

In addition, it allows support for new payment technologies on the physical world: mobile pos, smartphones, card payments not present (CNP), host card emulation (HCE), SIM based emulation card NFC, NFC voucher.


KPay, has a dedicated module to convey a whole series of value-added services for the merchant, including:

  • The provision of telephone top-ups by the main Italian TelCos operators.
  • Payment of postal and other bills.
  • Activation and provision of prepaid packages (Smartbox).

The flexibility of Kpay allows you to quickly achieve the business evolution by quickly introducing new services.

Gift cards

Through the management of the multi-service Kpay allows the automation of the process of issuing physical and virtual cards including the gift cards that can be sold directly in barrier boxes or through web channels with the simultaneous issuance of the activation code, immediately available for the consumer.

The Gift cards have a dedicated area in the KPay web console , where it is possible:

  • To manage demographics of cards based on brand, distributors and customers.
  • To issue physical and virtual cards and manage their activation.
  • To trace the activity with features such as statement and account balance.

From the console, you can create and export custom reports to groups or batches of gift cards.

Food stamps

The acceptance of the meal Vouchers as a form of payment can not be a problem for Retailers and Food Services companies. With KPay we have planned a dedicated management area for financial flows coming from the Food Stamps channel, both paper and electronic . 

Interfacing with the main issuing companies, KPay performs a real-time burn of the voucher , identifying and tracking the payment on a unique virtual POS for each cash desk.

Accounting and Reporting

As a retailer you need to always have updated information about your business. The data in KPay are available to you to guarantee a continuous control.

For the balancing of accounts on the Gift you can also export:

  • Census flows
  • Gift Activations

Do not let yourself be guided by chance, know your business and aim for success goals!

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