Kiara Cloud is a cloud platform designed for store-chains and restaurants. It consists of a web module for the centralized management of the Back-end and a software module for the Front-end extremely versatile, installed on desktops, POS and even tablet or smartphone! Kiara Cloud is available in a customized version for retail, catering and mixed concepts.

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Front-end Software

Kiara Cloud front-end is a sales application designed to optimize sales processes and maximize performance:

  • It aims to accelerate transactions and improve customer service
  • It is easily customizable and adaptable to the business needs
  • It has an intuitive and engaging user interface
  • It gives access to the sales reporting from any device

The solution is compact and elegant. Its ease of use and its intuitive user interface guarantee a flexible staff training.

Web Back-office

The solution includes a cloud access , reachable from any device connected to the internet for the management of the company:

  • Profiling and permissions of users
  • Creation of products and price lists
  • Warehouse management
  • Store reporting
  • Ad hoc promo on a panel of products
  • Associating a customer with a loyalty card
  • Card balances and activities list
  • Reprint invoice after issuing the receipt
  • Promo engine



...for Food Service

A compact and efficient cash desk that allows you to manage the activity of a restaurant in total mobility. Using a tablet is possible:

  • Reserve and manage the tables
  • Take the orders
  • Send orders to the kitchen
  • Print the pre-bill
  • Issue the receipt divisible in three modes
  • Receive payment also through meal vouchers

Furthermore, it is possible to activate the palmar terminals that can be used by each single room operator, thus making the management of the restaurant more effective.

...for Fashion

The Kiara Cloud front end for fashion is complete and available in POS, desktop and tablet / mobile versions, to accompany and support sales in a dynamic way. What do you need to give your store an innovative look? Classic features and customization possibilities:

  • Search for items by department, size, variant or color
  • Apply discounts and promotions directly to the cashier
  • Book articles and manage the down payments
  • Return or exchange goods
  • Profile customers and activate their fidelity card
  • Issue discount coupons or gift cards

Your business is under control, with Kiara Cloud you can at any time consult and download the report on the front-end or from the web back-office module.

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