Food Service

The food service segment in Italy is undergoing a radical transformation:
it strives to meet the needs of customers who require quality,
good food and fast service altogether - everywhere and at any time.
Konvergence has developed a line of dedicated solutions for the food service sector.


  • Digital Tools

    Technologies to support the food service business, which make customer service more agile and improve operation management and brand perception. For the digital management of the customer's orders, there is the COMANDA, an application for tablet or handheld devices that guarantees order taking even on the move. The menus can also be completely digitized by the DIGITAL MENU that offers the possibility of integration with self-ordering and payment systems.

  • Customer Relationship

    Control and cultivate your customer base through an appropriate LOYALTY system! Enhance it by integrating it into a MOBILE APP! And keep in touch with your customers, informing them and promoting your initiatives.

  • Sales Management

    It is crucial for your business that the POS system works perfectly - the SALES SOFTWARE must be simple to use and quick. Our PAYMENTS AND MULTISERVICES solution is certified to ensure the security of your business.


A solution to easily manage accumulation of points and apply discount enabling the execution of the marketing strategies. The module triggers Loyalty operations on the Front-End application and on all the retailer's touch points, coordinating all the different loyalty flows both physical (Checkouts, Kiosks, POS Systems) and digital (mobile app, totem, e-commerce portal, social networks).

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Sales Software

A platform capable to adapts to different sales environments and where the normal cash functions are incorporated into a single tool that makes store-management flexible.
Easy integration with major payment systems, campaign management and loyalty systems. A solution that aims to accelerate transactions and improve customer service.

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Payment and Multiservices

The flexible and easily integrated monetics and multiservice solution that guarantees high levels of security (PCI-DSS and PA-DSS certified). Financial flows are optimized through a customized and dynamic routing to various terminal operators and banks. In addition, the solution can manage a variety of value-added services by communicating with all types of acquirers, front ends, terminal operators and service centers.

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Dining Area Management

Total control of the dining area of your restaurant thanks to a single view accessible both from the cash point and from the order management terminal. Agile and intuitive management of table reservations, with the table order function the communication outside and inside the kitchen is optimized, becoming effective and simplified - thus ensuring a prudent and efficient management of your restaurant.

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Digital Menù

With the help of monitors, screens or totems, you can program the broadcast of the most appropriate content, diversifying it by time of the day and by target, you can create a dynamic menu, always updated and enriched with captivating images and videos, information and extra content. Palimpsest management is centralized and can be and can be controlled at a single channel level, which provides full control over your marketing initiatives.

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Konvergence completes its range of solutions with a portfolio of after-sales services to offer customers all the guarantees of a correct and constant functioning of hardware and software. Service Delivery, Service Desk & SD Support, On site intervention, Repair Center, Preload and integrated Logiscic are our departments dedicated to the post-sales care.