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WHAT ARE COOKIES? Cookies are small text files the site you visit send to your terminal (usually to the browser), where they are saved to be sent back to the same site the next time you visit it. A cookie cannot call up any other piece of information on your hard drive or transmit computer viruses or obtain email addresses. To your web browser, each cookie is unique. Some of the functions of cookies can be performed by other technologies. In this paper the term ‘cookie’ means a cookie in the real sense, as well as similar technologies. Through cookies it is possible to record information related to your preferences, such as the pages browsed or files downloaded from our site, or other similar actions carried out when browsing our site.

FIRST-PARTY AND THIRD-PARTY COOKIES: Cookies can be either first-party or third-party cookies, where the first-party type are developed by the owner of the site, and the third-party type are developed by Third-Parties.

NATURE OF COOKIES: With regard to the nature of cookies, there are several types: Cookies used for technical purposes Cookies used for technical purposes are those used only “to transmit a communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary for the provider of an information service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user” (see Art. 122, paragraph 1, of the Code). They are used for no other purpose and are normally installed directly by the site owner or manager. They can be broken down into the following types:
– browsing or session cookies, which enable normal browsing and use of our Website, for instance, by enabling you to make a purchase or to pass the authentication process to access reserved areas; they are necessary for the site to work properly;
– analytical cookies, similar to cookies used for technical purposes, are utilised directly by the site manager to gather information in aggregated form on the number of users and how they browse the site, in order to improve its performances;
- LinkedIn cookies, which allow for tracking site traffic but do not collect personal information;
– cookies used for functionality, which allow you to browse based on a number of selected criteria, for example, language, products selected for purchase, so as to improve the service provided to you. For installation of these cookies your prior consent is unnecessary. For more information see the “Management of cookies” section below.

Profiling Cookies Profiling cookies are for creating profiles about you and are used for sending you advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by you while browsing the Internet. In order for profiling cookies to be used, your consent is required. According to Measure No. 229 of 8 May 2014, you must be able to give or deny authorisation for profiling cookies to be installed when present.
For third-party cookies, this site has no direct control over individual cookies; it cannot control them and cannot install them directly or delete them either. However, these cookies can be managed through your browser settings (follow the instructions given further on), or the sites indicated in the “Management of cookies” section.
Please check at the third-party site indicated below.


- On the site konvergence.it we use cookies of the Google Analytics platform to gather information on the way visitors use our Site, such as number of visitors, pages visited, time spent at our site, etc.

- first-party session and persistent cookies are used on our Site to allow you to browse and use it safely and efficiently in order to improve the services provided.

DURATION OF COOKIES: The duration of cookies depends on their expiry date which is set when they are installed, or on a certain action, such as closing the browser. Cookies can be:
• temporary or session cookies: these are utilised for saving information temporarily; they allow for connecting actions made during a certain session, and are removed from the PC when the browser is closed;
• permanent (persistent cookies): these are utilised for saving information, such as User-ID and password, for instance, so that you do not have to enter them every time you visit the same site. These are saved on the PC even after the browser is closed.
Once connection with this Website has ended, so-called session cookies are deleted. IT systems utilised for this site use temporary cookies.

MANAGEMENT OF COOKIES: You can disable cookies on Websites by downloading software such as Ghostery (https://www.ghostery.com) for your browser and disabling use of individual cookies. Otherwise, you can activate the “incognito browsing” mode. With this function, you can browse without leaving any trace of browsing data in your browser. Its only purpose is to prevent browsing data from being kept in your browser.
As an alternative, you can disable or delete cookies by opening the configuration panel of your browser.

If you continue to browse our site and close the cookie notice banner or click anywhere on the page, or scroll it to see additional content, it means that you accept our Cookie Policy and cookies will be set and collected. If you do not accept cookies and leave this site, any cookies already saved locally in your browser will stay on it, but will no longer be read or used by us unless you accept our policy. You are free to delete these cookies any time in the ways described above.