KWallet, a Retail services app

An essential tool to create a relationship with its customers.


The value of the integration 

KWallet can be integrated into Koncentro , in this way the Retailer
operates a true convergence of the various points of contact with the customer outside and inside the store.

An app synchronized to your services

KWallet is a retail services app, customizable and configurable in a modular way:

  • Kwallet modules represent the services that Retailer chooses to activate as mobile functionality for its customers.
  • Integration is via a Digital Exposer layer of the latest generation.
  • It can be managed from the Koncentro console for multi-channel campaigns.
  • It has a UI Kit for brand customization.


KWallet is an application optimized for mobile and tablet:

  • Available for Android and iOS environments.
  • Developed with Ionic Framework.
  • Secure connection on HTTPS protocol.