Built on top of Retailers' needs

...starting from a customer-centric strategy.


Front to Back approach

Koncentro platformleads Retailers in the
definition of the digital strategy with a holistic approach that combines qualitative and quantitative
analysis for a better understanding of the customer base.

A digital exposer as an integration layer

Koncentro has a flexible and modular architecture:

  • Hooks all available contact points.
  • Business logics integrated and decoupled from touch-points
  • Independent front-end that is easy to integrate with any central management system

From the web console every user has visibility and can act independently but orchestrated to the rest of the team.

System Requirements

Koncentro is accessible via web from any type of browser:

  • Access is secure and limited to accredited users
  • Each user has a degree of visibility that can be configured according to his role
  • The data to be imported can be in standard text format (.csv, .xml, .json...)