Tuesday, 08 February 2022 08:40

    Marketing campaigns for chain stores span a range of touchpoints that aren't just online. It is not enough to have an email / sms tool integrated with social media and possibly also with mobile apps. It is not even enough to be able to converge all the various insights into a CRM for customer segmentation and clustering.

    How does all this arrive in a timely manner also to the cash register? How does it connect to the promotional engine for generating, issuing and tracking promotional actions and coupons?

    Marketing managers are now frustrated by the multiplication of single touchpoint management tools and are struggling to keep instore customer activities under control.

    For this reason, over the years we have refined our marketing platform for Retail and we have created a new Campaign Manager within this unified ecosystem that communicates directly with the loyalty system, with the promotional engine and that reaches all contact channels both digital and physical.

    A single tool: Koncentro, within which you have complete control of your retail infrastructure, physical stores, customers, products, promotions and contact channels.

    Three steps for the realization of a marketing campaign (communication and coupoing): 

    • Definition of the ISSUING criteria, where you set in a guided way when, on which channels and to which target you want to direct your action.
    • Definition of the CONTENT details, where you set the type of action, the message, the appearance and all the details that also lead to the generation of coupons.
    • Definition of the FRUITION parameters, where you define when, where and how your customers can complete the marketing action and thus convert into business value.

    All the channels at your disposal can be integrated with your actions and for an omnichannel methodology you do not impose a predefined path to your customers, you leave them the freedom to choose.

    The marketing campaigns in Koncentro allow the implementation of multiple actions that can be of different types, planned and distributed over multiple time intervals and linked on the basis of automation logic and priority criteria.

    In order to further semplify the configuration process, you have a gallery of both campaign templates and preconfigured actions to start from. Save your templates and enrich your gallery so that you can reuse your marketing actions that have performed better.

    When you choose the recipients of your actions, you directly access your loyalty database and you can either select your saved lists but also create dynamic clusters (ClusterByQuery) that self-generate and self-update on the basis of conditions defined by you.

    Are you not sure on the type of action to trigger? Are you not convinced that you have selected the right target? Do you have doubts about the definition of contact channels and distribution priorities? Set your campaign in A / B testing mode and test more than one option, with Koncentro your marketing is data-driven.

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