• KWallet: The Retail Mobile App that changes in real time
    Friday, 03 December 2021 08:19

    In the new digital world, the timeliness and consistency of messages along all touchpoints brings back to Retailers customer satisfaction and new business opportunities. 

    Also in the Retail field there are apps and apps: web apps, mobile apps, native or hybrid, all are subject to design principles that respond to the marketing and communication needs of the individual brand. All in some way have the aim to provide services and useful information for the consumer before, during and after the shopping experience.

    However, technologies and development methods differ, and this, if initially is not taken with enough consideration, can cause a lack of timeliness in the updating phases for marketing managers.

    The dilemma between native apps and hybrid apps, where the first are developed for each of the available operating systems (iOS and Android), while the latter are developed directly for both environments, thus requiring compromises related to the physiognomy of the different types of device, has been superseded by the dilemma between web app and non-web app (Mobile App).

    Mobile Apps are those that are made available on mobile stores and the user must install them on their device: the publication process on the stores guarantees greater security, they are faster and have greater functionality thanks to access to system resources.

    However, updating the Mobile Apps is a more complex process to manage, requires the intervention of developers and must still pass through the approval of the stores.

    The web Apps, on the other hand - accessible to users from a specific URL and used via the device's web browser - do not require publication on the stores (AppStore or Google Play) and are managed through a Content Management system that is completely equivalent to that of a normal website. This means  contents can change in real time, in coordination to the marketing initiatives communicated also on the other channels. But on the other hand, web Apps have several cons: first of all security, since they are not screened by the stores; then the impossibility of integrating features that require access to the device system resources  (camera and GPS in particular) and are in general slower and more difficult for the user to find; moreover, they are totally inaccessible offline.

    How can a retailer make a choice between the two options? How to make your mobile channel more dynamic without compromising performance and reliability?

    Simple! By choosing KWallet!

    With KWallet we have kept all the advantages of a Mobile App, integrating the real advantage of web apps: dynamic contents.

    In fact, the new KWallet dashboard is dynamic, content updating is managed through a special console, easy to use, which allows you to update text messages, images and call to action in real time.

    • Once installed, the app is always available to your customers,
    • Once the dynamic sections have been defined, those are under your communication and graphics team control, without going through the developers;
    • Maximum functionality, speed and safety;
    • Availability of key functions even in offline mode: loyalty card, already activated coupons, shopping lists.
    And there is one last fundamental point that we want to highlight:
          • Your app with dynamic dashboard can generate incremental revenue for your business. With the dynamic dashboard, in fact, not only you can decide how to present your messages every day, but you can use the banners of your app as display advertising spaces for the industry and / or for the whole world of programmatic advertising!
          While it is undoubted that omnichannel strategies go through Mobile, the new version of KWallet was designed to act as a real point of contact between customers and the unified retail system of commerce.

          Our customers who have adopted it can no longer stay without it.

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